Are Used Fitness Trackers Worth Buying?

Fitness Trackers are the most extensively used tools among young beginners as well as regular athletes. Without a fitness tracker, it would be a bit tough for them to monitor their activities knowing how far they have traveled while hiking, pedaling, or jogging, and much more. With the help of the fitness trackers, you can monitor your heart rate while you are doing any physical activity regarding training or weight loss. With the increased usage of fitness trackers by the individuals, the industry now has over $20 billion business.

It has been over two decades since the wearable fitness devices are in use. The basic fitness trackers having a heart rate monitor have been available in the market since the early 2000s. However, the advanced ones started coming out afterward. The trackers having more advanced features added along with the heart rate monitor can be pretty expensive for some users. The more advanced features may include, music storage facility, sport or other specific modes, solar charging, GPS tracking, and much more. When all these features get combined the price of the fitness trackers automatically goes up, which might be out of the budget of some users. Ultimately, they will prefer buying a used tracker pre-owned by someone.

But is it worth buying a used fitness tracker? Are there risks in that? We will discuss these questions in detail in the below-mentioned titles and will also give an idea about the price of the tracker that can be evaluated by yourself. We have discussed the pros as well as cons alternatively for better understanding.

Pros and Cons of Using a Used Fitness Tracker

Pro: They are comparatively cheaper

A used fitness tracker is cheaper compared to its new and unused variant. It is the biggest reason to buy a used fitness tracker. A website named Decluttr that deals in the refurbished electronics told that the products that get refurbished come at a price 20 to 40% lesser than the actual price of the same electronic items that are new. And if the buyers who prefer to buy from the third-party sites preferably Gumtree or Craigslist can get the refurbished product at a price that will be less than half of the cost of the new one.

For example, if a product like Garmin Vivoactive 3 comes at an official price of $169.99, you can get it at a price of only $80, if you are buying its refurbished form from the third-party vendors like the ones that are mentioned above.

Con: Rapid Changes in the Technology

Every product has advantages as well as flaws too. Similar is the case with buying a refurbished fitness tracker. A used fitness tracker is more prone to damage. Even though you will save a few bucks on that deal, the product might not work up to your expectations. You may later find changes too, in the internal systems of the electronics that you have purchased. Also, if you are buying a used fitness tracker, it might undoubtedly be old, so the technology used in that tracker will be an older one compared to the trackers that are coming nowadays. The newly launched fitness trackers will undoubtedly have an updated hardware technology compared to the older ones. Garmin’s fitness products lead manager showed the differences between the technologies used in the two fitness trackers Vivoactive 3 and Vivoactive 4 telling about the addition of the new heart rate sensor, better display, new updated features, and a more efficient battery, in the Vivoactive 4 while the Vivoactive 3 still running with its old features only. He stated that the newer device would certainly provide more improved results.

Pro: Landfill Waste Gets Reduced

Landfill Waste is the biggest problem that is growing day by day. The reports have stated that in 2016, the world generated over 242 million tons of e-waste. So, if users use the refurbished items, they will certainly help in the product reuse that will lead to less e-waste generation. Various websites have dedicated pages on them related to the recycling programs for the products, batteries, and also the waste related to the packaging. These kinds of steps are helping in the reduction of e-waste as the used products are either getting refurbished or recycled.

Con: The Condition of the Fitness Tracker May Be Not Up to the Mark

Many fitness trackers are made with high durability, mainly the ones that are designed specifically for aerobics and adventure sports; they have a lesser chance of getting damaged. But that doesn’t mean they cannot get damages. The user purchasing the used or refurbished item may find slight damages on the screen, wristbands, or he can experience slower performance. Users can also face battery issues related to fast battery drainage or charging. Also, it is hard to predict what will be the performance of the refurbished item.


So, if you just want to use the tracker for monitoring your normal workouts then you don’t have to go for a top-notch fitness tracker, a decent mid-range tracker will also work on your requirements. You may opt for the used tracker only if you are tight on budget and want to use the tracker only for normal circumstances. But do make sure to clarify all the features of that particular tracker; otherwise, you might only be left with regrets.

On the other hand, if you want to buy a tracker for tons of productivity features and also you are having a decent budget which you are willing to pay for, then you may surely go for a new fitness tracker. However, if you want the tracker for only basic requirements, then you can also opt for a refurbished one, but as stated earlier, do make sure to check its functionality on time.

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Source: Are Used Fitness Trackers Worth Buying?

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